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Who Are We?

Hi my name is Jasmine Nikol, I am a Master cosmetologist and mommy.  The Curl Shop was inspired by many factors to include lack of quality products on the market and lack of knowledge we as parents have when it comes to caring for our children’s hair.

I hear so many say “I wish my daughters hair looked like your daughter's hair.” The truth is… IT CAN!! If you use the proper products and follow a careful maintenance routine, you can achieve your desired results.

The Curl Shop offers an organic, sulfate and paraben free line of products that can be used to help create a proper hair care regimen for your cupcake.   The Curl Shop utilizes a bake shop theme filled with inviting smells and eye-catching presentation we believe your children will absolutely love. 

Product Problem: Solved

We at The Curl Shop believe that hair washing / styling is special bonding moment between mother and child. We understand many kids do not enjoy getting their hair done due to pain caused by improper techniques used. Wash Day can seem more like a torture session opposed to a bonding session from their point of view. It is our goal to make wash day a positive experience for both the parent and child. In addition to offering fun products and great recipes that can be used for bonding activities, “The Curl Shop” blog is a fun and interactive online community that offers tips and styling techniques for your little cupcake. 
Knowledge Problem: Solved

At home care and proper regimens are essential to the health and growth of your little ones tresses. 

Lets start young teaching and implementing the importance of proper and healthy hair care to our little ones

Sweet and Delectable Tresses! 

-The Curl Shop


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