Twist it OUT!

It is extremely important to create regimens when it comes to growing and caring for your daughters hair. Effective product and consistency will work wonders before your eyes. We have to bring back the time and attention needed between mother and daughter and what a better time than caring for and styling her hair?

We suggest picking one day throughout the week that you will dedicate to spending a few hours to care for your little girls hair and figure out what works for the both of you.

Below are a few tips and tricks for you to try.

  • We would suggest picking Sunday... 

  • Washing, conditioning, and a transitional style should be done this day. A transitional style, when in reference to children is a style that could go from one into another. 
  • We would suggest choosing a style such as a twist set that can easily pass for a style and finish off with a "topping" ( headband)   half up/half down, twisted into pigtails, or even three vertical rows.

  •  Wednesday night after her bath would be a great time to finger the twists out for a full twist out look. The curls will be defined and uniform, sizing will depend on how big or small you did the original set. Your daughter will love this look and it will last for the remainder of the week until Sunday when it is time to do it all over again.

  • We recommend using our Smore Styling Puddy for your twist set, not only does it smell amazing but the results are epic! with a medium hold and oil based formula the curls will set and have shine. Alcohol-free to ensure drying out and breakage will not occur.

This gets us back to the importance of a proper regimen. We have created a line of interactive products accompanied by recipes for you and your little cupcake to try out as an incentive for something to look forward too.

We make time for what we want and it is very important to care for our children's hair and it is also a confidence builder for her now and in the future. hair care education starts young and should start at home it is a part of your hygiene and everyday upkeep. 

Keep up this regimen and watch those locks grow! It will become a part of her week that she looks forward to, not dread. Hair reacts to your treatment and it trains well-considering consistency. You will soon find that with the regimens the hair will become more manageable and cooperative, not a painful experience for you or her.

Hopefully, this helps and is sure to let us know what works for you, we love your feedback!

-The Curl Shop


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